Vera Moore Cosmetics featured in the Essence Beauty Box

Something fun has happened. Essences magazine has introduced a new Beauty Box for women of color. The box contains sample beauty products that are delivered to Beauty Box subscribers monthly. Every month you can expect to receive a box filled with sample products.  Products that you can try in the privacy of your home; it’s like getting a box of fun in your mail box.

Essence has set up a dedicated website for the Beauty Box ( If you choose to peek, every month the website list what’s inside the box; However, you may find it more fun to be surprised.

The news of the Essence Beauty Box was exciting for us at the Beautifier because one of our old friends was included this month; Vera Moore Cosmetics. This months Essence Beauty Box contains Vera Moore’s 24k gold eye shadow; this is truly a holiday treat.

Congratulations to Vera Moore on her continued success.

If you want to purchase Vera Moore’s 24k gold eye shadow you can look up a location near you right here in the Beautifier-online Business Directory; Or go to www.Vera Moore