About The Beautifier

From ancient Rome and Egypt the art of cosmetology has been a profession.  Professionally trained technicians are skilled in the art of Hair care, Makeup, Skin Care and Nail Care.  Some are trained in all aspects of the field and some specialize in one segment.  Technicians, study their trade intensely well beyond obtaining their license.  Continuing education is a must to keep up with the constantly changing technologies.

Although under a different tittle, Spas have joined the profession by taking the relaxing aspect of the field and making it its own entity.  Incorporating the field of Massage therapy along with the other disciplines, the spa is not only a place to enhance one’s self, but a place of physical and mental restoration.

Adding, massage to the spa, once again links the cosmetology field to the medical field.  Spas have evolved into Medical Spa’s, where doctors perform medical techniques that fill wrinkles, remove and physically change the skin, face and body.  Although they are recognized the link between cosmetic dentistry and the beauty field has not at this time been formally acknowledged.

Ancient cosmetics and tools have been found dating back to ancient Rome and Egypt.  Tools of the trade are still being manufactured and sold to consumers and professionals.  Present day cosmetics not only include natural elements from plants and fruits, but chemicals and drugs are also used to formulate powerful solutions for the hair and skin.  All though not yet recognized by Webster, the word Cosmoceuticals is recognized by the industry.  It describes cosmetics that are combined with pharmaceuticals, some used by licensed technicians, others prescribed by doctors.  In addition to products, there are countless machines such as lasers, galvanic, steamers, Hair dryers, pedicure chairs and more.

The beauty field encompasses hair care, nail care, skin care, makeup artistry, massage therapy, dermatologist, plastic surgeons, dentist, drug manufacturers, cosmetic companies, equipment manufacturers, weave-ologist, eyelash extenders, Hair removers, African hair braiders, eyebrow threading, and barbers. And as always to achieve the hold package, we add last but not least the entire fashion industry. Collectively we are the Beautifiers.