Something New Continued Step 2 The Municipalities

Because water is so important to my business I decided to install the plumbing first. To do this I need a plumber, so I go to the internet and join one of those contractor screening sights. It went great. I was given 3 candidates and I contacted all three and we found a great plumber. He immediately gave me a quote and as soon as we accepted his proposal; he prepared the paper work for the permit and took it to the town. That’s when it began; the town told him that I needed a certificate of occupancy. So, I say “OK; come pick up the check”. But the town said I had to come in myself.

I handed them the paper work for the certificate of occupancy and the permit and took out my check book to write the check. The women behind the glass window said no don’t write the check now. You need to go to the health department and get them to approve the water. What? The reason we didn’t get the first space is the health department did not approve it. I thought it was because we would have to install a new water line. We are now at square 1 once again. The woman continued to say; if the health department approves the water come back here. I contacted the health department and they tell me they need to inspect the water. So we wait a month and finally we get an appointment with the health department. We are approved; finally we can move forward…not.


Something New continued

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